Jammed Pot Strategy in Crazy Pineapple Poker

There is a lot of money to be made in a jammed pot in Crazy Pineapple Poker. Again, there are usually much higher hands going into the flop then in regular Hold’em and as a result more players will want to bet to see that flop. For example, in a $2-$4 limit game, it can cost you $10 to see the flop. (A bet and 4 raises). If eight people take the flop, your pot is already up to $80 before this discard. To become a steady Pineapple player, you need to win a consistent number of these jammed pots. Let’s look at some common hands and what you should consider in a jammed pot.

Big Suited Draw
When you are faced with a jammed pot going into the flop in Crazy Pineapple, your big suited cards now hold more value than before. If you hold a Queen-Jack suited and you’re probably up against some Ace’s and Kings, you have the nut flush draw opportunity along with a straight possibility. And you could always flop a set if the board shows two more Queens or Jacks. You know somebody else has the Aces and King’s otherwise you would have held onto it and discarded the Jack.

With a jammed pot in Pineapple, pairs can give you a good chance at taking the pot. The chances are not great, but give your pairs a chance and you might be lucky. You are going to need some help.

Say you were dealt a 9h, 9d, 3c. You should bet up until the flop to get a better idea of what is out there. After the flop you would naturally discard the 3c. Now if it looks like you may still have the lead hand by turning the set on the turn, you should see the next card for the minimum bet or bet and then raise. Pairs, no matter how small, can still give you a decent chance at pulling out a jammed pot. You will need help to complete the hand though, so make note.

When you discard out to make a big pair in a jammed pot, you should place some raises in the later rounds even if you are not able to hit the set right away. This will get rid of some of the lower pairs that are just trying to catch a cheap ride to the later rounds as well as keep you in a good position to hit your set. Even if one of the small pairs hits their set on the turn, you can hit your set and come out ahead. They would be drawing dead at this point.

KK or QQ with Backdoor Flush Draw
These are some of the better hands you can have in Pineapple in a jammed pot. It is 17 to 1 against backdooring the flush. Plus you could hit your set on the turn. Play agressively when you draw these types of hands and raise your opponents. Try and narrow the field down, so you have a better chance of taking the jammed pot. These hands are a great time to do that. If you just sit and call all day, it will be hard to win these pots consistently. Remember though, the necessary discarding strategy must be made to get to this stage.

Now is a good time to look at some dangerous hands that can pose some troubles in a jammed pot in Pineapple.