Trouble Hands in Crazy Pineapple Poker

Below are some hands that can give you some trouble in Pineapple after the discard. In other words, you will have to analyze the flop very carefully, but more times than not these hands are going to lead to some trouble if you discard and are left with these hands.

Top Pair

Top Pairs are not necessarily a trouble hand, but one I want you double check. Top Pairs can be tricky hands to play in Pineapple because it is likely that one of your opponents may be playing a pair as well. It is not uncommon to see a completed set in Pineapple, so play any pair conservatively.

For example, you hold an Ac, Ad, 3h, and the flop comes Kh, Ks, 9c, and one of your opponents raises, it may be correct to check and see what comes next. They might have the third King, but you could still flop an Ace. Just be careful on these hands as sets are not uncommon in Pineapple.

Ace-King offsuit

Regular Texas Hold'em players will typically over value this card when they play Pineapple. This is not a bad hand in Pineapple, but it can lead to getting trapped more times than not. Remember in a jammed pot, you're probably looking at Aces and Kings in the pocket and the Ace-King offsuit will have some trouble outrunning those pairs. Also keep in mind that straights are much more common in Pineapple, so your Ace-King offsuit can be easily beaten by a straight. This hand is not a bad hand in Pineapple, but it is not worth spending a lot of money on.

Ace-Queen offsuit

The Ace-Queen offsuit has all the same traps as the Ace-King offsuit with the added challenge of going up against an Ace-King offsuit from time to time. If an Ace hits the flop, some one has a good chance at picking up the set. If a Queen hits the table, you're probably up against and Ace or King pair.

So, if you were dealt the Ad, Qh, 5c, you would naturally discard the 5c after the flop. All I'm saying is, don't expect much with an Ace-Queen offsuit, as many times in Pineapple, you will loose this hand. If anything throw a little money in and see if you might have a chance, but don't spend much.

Three to a Suit

Take note: any hand you have to draw the card you discarded, is not worth very much.

If you are dealt three to a suit in Pineapple, you must discard one of those after you see the flop. When you see the flop and you have a chance for a flush, remember you are now getting rid of one of the cards that can help you get that flush.

For example, say you were dealt Qh, 10h, 5h, and the flop comes 6h, 2h, Ac. You have to get rid of one of your hole cards, so you discard the 5h. At this point, you're going for the flush draw, but you just discarded one of the cards that can help you attain this, thus reducing your chances at a flush draw. Again, any hand you have to draw the card you discarded to win, is not worth very much. The chances of you flopping a flush are 11% with all the cards potentially live. Why try and draw to a hand that you have just eliminated one of those cards?

If you grasped the concepts in these pages, you are more than ready to start playing Crazy Pineapple Poker. Try visiting UltimateBet or Paradise Poker to use your Pineapple Poker strategies and tips in action.